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expertly designed + easy-to-use
created for today's couples and industry professionals.

Ring Leader's powerful web-based software was built for specifically for the modern wedding pro.
No more configuring other programs to fit your unique needs -- Ring Leader seamlessly manages your client base, tracks your payments, stores your documents, streamlines your schedule, and connects you to couples looking for their wedding day dream team.

You didn't get into this business to chase paper trails all day.
Get back to doing what you love with Ring Leader. 

Get Started:

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This step-by-step video goes over everything you need to know about Ring Leader,

from setting up your profile to managing your clients. 

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manage clients &
streamline your workload

Your client portal does it all. Track deposits and set up payment plans, send and store contracts, receipts, and other important documents, chat with your brides and discuss their inspo, customize to do lists, and book appointments. 

Your Clients
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book appointments &
control your schedule

Send booking appointment requests, meet with leads, block out working hours, and take control of your schedule with Ring Leader. Clients can also request appointment times in the app, so phone tag is a thing of the past.

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share ideas &
collaborate with couples

Leave the text threads and email chains to the kids, because Ring Leader handles all of your business communication in one place. Create your clients' picture-perfect wedding days...without having to search through three different platforms for their inspo pics.  

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get alerts &
follow up on requests

Never miss any important developments. Ring Leader's notifications panel alerts you to new appointment bookings, payments received, and meeting requests from potential clients.

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create templates &
collect information

Prepare your couples for their big day by sending them to do lists and other important info. Cut back on time searching for PDFs and attaching documents to emails -- save frequently-used templates and send them within seconds.

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answer questions &
set expectations

Ever feel like you're answering the same question over and over again? Your FAQ's are featured on your vendor profile, so prospective clients will know what's up ahead of time. 

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connect with leads &
promote your work

Put your best foot forward in your Ring Leader profile. Prospective clients can learn all about you, your services, and what makes you one of the top professionals in the industry. Share the images and info that makes you stand out from the rest.

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